The smartest way to get your invoices paid

With Marmalade, you can get your invoices paid instantly to make your cash flow.

Get your eligible invoices paid when you want with ease

Getting your invoices paid early with Marmalade isn’t a loan or financing. It’s a simple and cost-effective way to access your cash for only a small one-off fee between 3-5%, and zero interest.

When you receive early payment for an invoice, Marmalade takes the credit risk of your customer. So unlike a loan, you can just sit back, relax, and watch the cash flow into your business.

  • No long forms to fill out
  • No security needed
  • No customer credit risk

You choose when to get your invoices paid and only the invoices you want

There are no commitments when it comes to getting your invoices paid early with Marmalade. You choose the invoices you wish to receive payment for and those you don't.

Just select the invoice you wish to get paid and your funds will be with you within 24-hours guaranteed.

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Spend less time chasing invoices

When you get an invoice paid with Marmalade, we take on the credit risk of your customer. The platform provides you with all of the information needed on the status of your invoices so you can spend less time chasing unpaid invoices, and more time building your business.

How Marmalade works

Stay on top of your cash-flow at every step of the way

Marmalade's clean and functional interface allows you to stay on top of the cash that is moving through your business.

  • Current and past invoices
  • Monthly invoice eligibility
  • Payment schedules and more

Invoice payments have never been so easy

Marmalade comes with a range of payment options, so your customers can pay the way that works for them.

Customers can also choose to save their payment details and keep a record of their invoices all-in one place. That means less admin for them, and less waiting on unpaid invoices for you.

Seamless integration with Xero

Marmalade and Xero go together like jam and bread, linking seamlessly with just one click. So you can keep track of incoming payments and save hours doubling up on time-stealing admin.

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