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Accounting and advisory firms are in a great position to assist clients with better cash flow control. Since cash flow accounting is a major issue affecting SMBs, you're well equipped to support clients at any stage of growth and development.

For many businesses, traditional cash flow strategies aren't enough to stave away the effects of negative cash flow. In fact, many contemporary cash flow finance options act as a band-aid to much deeper problems.

The average small business cash flow story

Accountants and financial advisors know better than anyone that poor cash flow wreaks havoc on small businesses. If you're a small business bookkeeper or financial advisor, you're all too familiar with the signs of disaster.

  • In Australia, 92% of small businesses experience at least one month of negative cash flow per year. One in five find themselves stuck in the red for six months or more.

  • 90% of small businesses will close their doors due to poor cash flow management.

  • The average small business waits for 31 to 38 days for invoices to be paid. Some companies are forced to wait weeks, if not months, to refill their bank accounts.

Traditional finance outlets don’t often provide much help. Small businesses strapped for cash might find themselves crushed between high-interest debts and mounting stress, while certain business cash flow options limit how much money they can receive in advance. This could be a death knell in today's financial climate — even for established brands.

As an accounting or advisory firm, it's your duty to help clients navigate the pitfalls of negative cash flow. That means recommending unique platforms, services and software solutions designed to solve the status quo.

For dozens of financial advisors across Australia, this means partnering with the team at Marmalade.

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How to improve cash flow

Marmalade is a world first cash flow platform that lets businesses take early payment on eligible invoices and have that money in their account within 24 hours. Unlike traditional options such as invoice financing, Marmalade does not require extensive credit checks or guarantees. With Marmalade, businesses can access 100% of their invoice value early. We charge a transparent, one-time fee between 3% and 5% per invoice. There are no interest and no hidden fees.

Plus, we've been endorsed by your peers as well — just ask Dylan Byrne at BDO Australia!

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Partner Success Story: BDO Australia

BDO Australia helps clients achieve their goals with Marmalade.
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Here's a quick walkthrough of how Marmalade works:

  • Sign up for a free account with Marmalade

  • Issue invoices with Marmalade Virtual Bank Account (VBA) details

  • Select invoices you would like to have paid early

  • Pay a one-time fee of between 3-5% per invoice

  • Get your money within one business day

  • Spend that money however you please

Jumpstart your client’s cash flow success

Business success is a team effort — especially regarding cash flow. As a financial service provider for Australian businesses, you know how to connect the right platforms to the right people at the right time.

Whether you provide bookkeeping services for small businesses or serve as an accountant or financial advisor, Marmalade could be the perfect tool for your clients as they cash flow their way to success.

Curious to learn more about how we help clients thrive? Shoot us a message to chat , or sign up for a free account today.

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Negative cash flow prevents businesses from making critical payments to suppliers and creditors. It may also prevent them from paying employees on time, which could put them out of business entirely.

Younger businesses may be less savvy with the best cash flow practices. They may also have less negotiating power with suppliers to establish better payment terms and have limited access to traditional financing.

No business is exempt from a poor cash flow story. Small businesses are generally the most affected, given that their brands are smaller and less developed.

Marmalade helps clients access their hard-earned cash without credit checks, contracts, or predatory interest rates. Just send out invoices with your Marmalade supplied account details, select the ones you want to cash in and get early payment — all within 24 hours.

Accountants in financial services recommend Marmalade as a quick and efficient way to resolve small business cash flow issues. Users quickly recoup invoice payments tied up in payment funnels without waiting for credit checks or chasing client accounts. This provides immediate access to usable cash without damaging any professional relationships.

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