Agribusinesses all over Australia are in an ongoing battle to get paid, and it’s no secret why. Long invoice payment terms tie up free-flowing revenue, while seasonal crops and unpredictable harvests challenge even the best of budgets.

To remain afloat during waiting periods, many businesses have no option but to rely on business loans or other business financing options. But with tough lending restrictions and high interest rates, their financial situation can plummet from bad to worse.

The time has come to change the status quo with flexible cash flow support for agribusinesses. Say hello to the world’s first instant invoice payments platform — Marmalade.

How Marmalade can improve agribusiness finance

Marmalade has revolutionised the way agribusinesses get paid.

Agribusinesses can receive early payment on eligible invoices submitted through our platform, regardless of the terms set on the initial invoice. Your money is delivered within 24 hours, with no limitations on what you can do. Plus, your customers aren’t notified about your early payment requests. It’s all business as usual — just with better cash flow.

At Marmalade, we make it easy to get all your cash when you want it. We don’t withhold a percentage of your invoice, and we never charge more than a set fee between 3% to 5%. Requesting a payment won’t affect your credit, so you won’t need to worry about your credit history.

Marmalade offers all the benefits of instant financing with none of the traditional drawbacks.

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Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up for a free account with Marmalade.
  2. Issue invoices with Marmalade Virtual Bank Account (VBA) details.
  3. Select invoices you would like to get paid early.
  4. Pay the one-off fee (3-5% per invoice).
  5. Receive the funds within one business day.
  6. Spend that money however you please.

The benefits of our agribusiness finance in Australia

Agribusinesses all over Australia trust Marmalade to keep their operations in the green. Here are some of the perks that come with our invoice payment service:

Better cash flow

Many farms and fisheries struggle to get invoices paid between harvests and wait weeks, if not months, for receivables to mature.

Instant payments with Marmalade eliminate this completely.

With Marmalade, agribusiness and trade financing can be done at the touch of a button. Select the invoices you’d like to receive, review the one-off fee, and await payment. You’ll receive your funds in 24 hours or less.

Zero interest

Early payments with Marmalade are 100% interest-free. We also happily absorb the risk of non-payment, unlike traditional banks or lenders with payment expectations.

Signing up for Marmalade is also totally free. You’ll only pay set fees between 3% and 5% when you request an early payment. We’ll tell you the cost upfront — there’s zero guesswork involved.

Less credit checks

If you’re already struggling with high overheads and long payment terms, an enquiry on your credit certainly won’t help.

At Marmalade, we don’t review your credit history to check your eligibility for early payments. All you need to do is sign up for Xero, gather three months of invoice payment history, and let us handle the rest.

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Support your agribusiness asset finance with Marmalade today

Whether you’re a family-run farm or a growing enterprise, Marmalade makes it easy to scale completely uninhibited. Our cash flow solutions have worked for hundreds of organisations across Australia — and they could work for you, too.

Ready to grow your agribusiness? Get in touch with us today or sign up for a free account.

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Uncertainty is a hallmark of modern agribusiness. Even with careful budgeting and a mindful tracking of expenses, there may still be times when cash flow falls into the red. Agribusiness and trade financing options aren’t always effective on their own, which is why instant cash payments from Marmalade are such a viable solution.

Most agribusinesses struggle to close the gap between the growing season and harvest time. Invoices often come with lengthy payment terms, which slows down the payment process and reduces cash flow. Instant payments are typically the best way to avoid this.

When it comes to cash flow in the agribusiness industry, budgeting and planning will only take you so far. You could avoid commercial debt and afford operational costs by freeing up your invoices with instant payments. Marmalade lets you access agribusiness finances stuck in outstanding invoices within 24 hours.

Marmalade can grow your agribusiness and finances without leveraging debt, interest or other credit risks. Rather than waiting on receivables to come through, you can instantly request cash for your invoices. No debt is involved, so you won’t be paying interest, and our set fees keep your costs transparent.

The Marmalade team is available to chat online, over the phone, or via email. Contact us today to see how we can grow your agribusiness and finances together.

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