Invoice payments as they should be.

Marmalade makes choice easy, with multiple ways for your customers to pay

How it works

Easy for you, easy for your customers.

Paying with Marmalade is simple, secure, and convenient for both you and your customers. So everybody wins.

Step 1
Invoices are sent out through Xero and customers click "Pay with Marmalade"
Step 2
The payment page shows a range of ways to pay.
Step 3
Customers pay securely in just a couple of clicks. They can also choose to create an account to make future payments even easier.

Let your customers pick how to pay.

Marmalade comes with a range of payment options, so people can pay the way that works for them. Customers can also choose to save their payment details and keep a record of their invoices in one place. That means less admin for them, and less waiting on unpaid invoices for you.

One-click Xero integration.

Marmalade and Xero go together like jam and bread, linking seamlessly with just one click. So you can keep track of incoming payments and save hours doubling up on time-stealing admin.

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