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Never wait to be paid again. Instantly get paid 100% of any invoice, any time for a low one-off fee.

Keep giving your customers the payment terms they need, but get paid immediately whenever you choose, for a transaction fee of 3-5% per invoice. No interest, no debt, no liability or risk.

Trusted by hundreds of Australian businesses

You get paid immediately

  • Choose which invoices get paid early, any time before they're due
  • Get paid within 24hrs of selecting an invoice
  • 100% of the invoice amount is paid, risk-free
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Your customers pay how they want

  • No customer sign-ups or applications
  • Payment terms are whatever customers have on their invoice
  • Marmalade supports all payment methods — EFT, cards or direct debit
Product features

Your Accounts Receivable runs smoothly

  • Keep invoicing as you normally do, we integrate with your invoicing software
  • Marmalade automatically reconciles your invoice payments with your accounts
  • You deal with your customers, we generate statements and reminders on your behalf
How it works

Seamless integration with your Accounting Software

Marmalade is excited to announce that we have now integrated with MYOB. Marmalade's latest integrations allows businesses using MYOB to receive instant payment for invoices as soon as they're issued for a one-off fee of 3-5%.

Is my business right for Marmalade?

  • I use Xero, Quickbooks or MYOB for all my invoicing and have been doing so for at least 90 days

  • I provide net payments terms to my customers

  • I have more than 5 regular customers that I invoice at least monthly

  • I mostly invoice Australian businesses

  • I invoice more than $50,000 p/m

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What our customers say about Marmalade

"The days of waiting up to 60 or 90 days to be paid are over. Marmalade turns invoices into cash whenever I need it and has removed cash flow stress from my business forever!"

Steele Ryan, Thor Building Products

“Marmalade has been amazing for us. We get paid faster than ever and it has taken the stress out of chasing invoices. We’re now able to take on bigger commercial jobs and get paid straight away, typically we would have been waiting 60+ days”

Pete Maidment, Brush Masters Brisbane

"Marmalade has had a huge impact on our business. It allows us to take on the bigger jobs as we can be confident we’ll have the cash-flow to purchase product up-front and pay our staff that might have been a risk otherwise"

Dale Missen, OzPave

"Our payment terms are 30 to 90 days, which has made it really difficult to pay the wages, purchase signs and equipment, improve the standards, and look after our clients"

Kathleen Rayner, Contracts Administrator - Trafficwerx NT

Marmalade FAQs

Is my business eligible for Marmalade?

Marmalade is not appropriate for every business. Your business is eligible for Marmalade if you meet all the following criteria. Please make sure you check off each one before proceeding:

  • I use Xero, Quickbooks or MYOB for all my invoicing and have been doing so for at least 90 days

  • I provide net payments terms to my customers up to but not exceeding 60 days

  • I mostly invoice other Australian businesses, not consumers or individuals

  • I have more than 5 regular customers that I invoice at least monthly

  • I Invoice more than $50,000 per month consistently

  • I am able and prepared to switch to using Marmalade as the exclusive payment method on all my invoices for all customers

How does Marmalade work?

If you require early payment urgently or immediately, Marmalade is not the right solution for your business.

Early payment first gets unlocked only after you’ve issued your first invoice with Marmalade. Your eligibility increases the more you invoice and at 30 days you can expect approximately 30% of your outstanding invoices to be eligible for early payment. After 90 days of consistent invoicing and payments by your customers you can expect approximately 80% of your invoices to be eligible for early payment.

Marmalade determines which invoices are eligible to be paid early on an individual basis as they’re issued. In order to be considered an invoice must be:

  • Issued with your Marmalade provided payment details only

  • Issued to an Australian registered business with a valid ABN

  • Issued to an existing customer

  • Fully due and payable and not overdue. This means your service or product has been fully delivered and there will be no further changes to the invoice prior to the payment due date.

How do I sign-up with Marmalade?

Signing up for a Marmalade account is quick and easy.

  1. Sign up instantly online, connect your accounting software and update your invoices with Marmalade as your new payment method.
  2. Keep issuing invoices to your customers as usual with the same payment terms.
  3. Marmalade processes all your invoice payments for free and you can get paid early whenever you choose for a small one-off fee.

Our customer service team will guide you through this process once you begin the signup.

How much does Marmalade cost?

Marmalade does not charge you to process bank transfer or direct debit payments. If your customer pays by card we charge a processing fee of 1.75%.

For early payment our fee ranges between 3-5% and that fee is transparent prior to you when selecting early payment. Marmalade processes early payments as a net settlement meaning we will transfer 100% of the invoice value to you less our fee. You will receive those funds immediately.

There are no lock-in contracts to use Marmalade, no minimum requirements, no loans or interest and we never withhold any percentage of any invoice payment.

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