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The way to ensure your survival as a logistics company is to plan ahead with different cash flow options.

The role of finance in logistics is increasingly complex. Supply chain challenges slow down deliveries and delay fulfilment dates, eventually tying up mission-critical capital in a web of unfulfilled bills.

Primary cash flow in supply chain management is largely based on net 30-day invoice terms, meaning cash is usually paid within one month of submission. However, as the Australian supply chain continues to face new challenges, logistic payment terms have inflated from 30 days to 60 to a whopping 180 days.

The way to ensure your survival as a logistics company is to plan ahead with different cash flow options. That’s why hundreds of Australian businesses have turned to Marmalade to open new doors of opportunity — starting with better cash flow solutions in supply chain management.

How Marmalade can improve logistics finance

Getting a cash flow boost for your transport and logistics company has never been easier. Here’s what you can expect from a partnership between your company and Marmalade’s powerful solutions:

Marmalade is the world’s first invoice payment platform that turns receivables into cash within 24 hours.

Whenever your logistics or transport company needs to free up cash, you can request early payment on eligible invoices issued. You’ll pay a one-off fee of 3-5% and receive payment in full within 24 hours — with no limitations on what you can do with it.

You can start using Marmalade for your logistics business in six steps:

1. Sign up for a free account with Marmalade.

2. Issue invoices with Marmalade Virtual Bank Account (VBA) details.

3. Select invoices you would like to get paid early.

4. Pay the one-off fee (3-5.5% per invoice).

5. Receive the funds within one business day.

6. Spend that money however you please.

The benefits of our system for transport and logistics finance

With Marmalade, any eligible invoice can be paid early. Select the invoice, request payment, and confirm the one-time fee of between 3 - 5.5%. We’ll pay 100% of your invoice amount, minus the fee, within 24 hours — no loans, debts, or credit checks are required.

Adaptable cash flow finance

Customers won’t know that you’re getting early payments through Marmalade. Your client-facing invoices won’t change at all, and customers won’t have to sign up or apply to use our system. Payment terms stay the same for your customers, but with Marmalade, when you get paid is up to you.

Seamlessly integrated platforms

Marmalade is a well-oiled machine that integrates into the invoicing software that you’re already using. Our platform automatically reconciles all of your payments as well as generating all statements, reminders, and billing notifications on your behalf. We don’t change your current invoicing process — we just make it more flexible.

Build flexibility into logistics payment terms logistics with Marmalade

It’s impossible to completely avoid the inconsistencies of the modern Australian supply chain. However, with a platform like Marmalade by your side, maintaining healthy cash flow has never been easier.

From road transport and supplier brands to inbound and outbound logistics companies, Marmalade has the tools to hold the line stress-free. Contact us today or set up a free account to get started.


What can cause problems with cash flow in supply chain management?

Finance and logistics are tied at the hip. If deliveries and shipments aren’t received on time, it’s likely that your payments won’t be, either. Political environments, weather or road conditions, and even post-pandemic regulations can affect the viability of cash flow in supply chain management — which is why adaptable solutions like Marmalade are so important to this industry.

What types of logistic & transport-based businesses can be impacted by poor cash flow?

Road transport companies, 3PL providers, and inbound and outbound logistics firms are extremely susceptible to poor cash flow. Drivers, road conditions, and supply or demand fluctuate wildly throughout the year, and without adequate cash to cover vehicle costs or maintenance, businesses may struggle to stay in the green.

Why is Marmalade one of the best logistics payment solutions for logistics & transport industries?

Marmalade is not a business loan, a line of credit, or a payday lender. Instead, we allow businesses to get cash for their receivables before their due date. We charge fixed fees that are always visible on our website and never leverage debt (which means you’ll never pay a dime in interest).

What are the benefits of using Marmalade for logistics and transport cash flow management?

Marmalade helps logistics and transport companies grow uninhibited. You can request 24-hour cash payments on your eligible invoices without hounding customers or damaging your reputation. Plus, you can cover monthly bills, purchase new equipment, and get ready for the next big thing — all without taking on an ounce of debt.

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