Getting started with Marmalade is easy

Marmalade enables its customers to cost-effectively access their money as soon as they invoice with speed, simplicity and total transparency.

How Marmalade Works

How it works

Your money, when you want it

Marmalade lets you cash-in unpaid customer invoices any time. The steps to start cashing-in are straight-forward and our expert team will assist you through the process and get you going.


Sign up to Marmalade

Reach out to our team to create your account and connect to Xero.


Issue invoices with Marmalade account details

For the best cash-in rates it's best to put Marmalade's details on all invoices.


Select the invoices you wish to cash-in

Click on any eligible invoice, review the one-off fee and cash-in.


Get paid within 24-hours

Just like that, you’ll get paid within one business day.


Spend your money anywhere you want

With the cash in your bank, what's next is up to you!

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