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The traffic management industry constantly keeps you on your toes, from minimising your employees' safety risks to ensuring you comply with regulatory guidelines. So as a business owner, cash flow issues are the last thing you want to encounter.

Cash flow issues arise for several reasons, from long payment terms to a stack of unpaid client invoices. While this may be the nature of your business, a steady drop in cash flow can negatively impact your company's financial health — a common challenge for many industries.

According to Xero, unpaid invoices are the biggest reason SMBs experience cash flow issues, with more than half (53%) of invoices being paid late in Australia. On average, Australian businesses own a whopping $38,000 from unpaid invoices. So how can traffic management companies learn how to fix these cash flow issues and recover from these massive losses?

Traffic management cash flow — current financing options

When cash starts to run dry, it’s not uncommon for traffic management companies to investigate financing options — such as loans, credit cards or debtor financing — to help their business stay afloat. Some common reasons traffic management businesses look to alternative financing are to pay staff, purchase or rent equipment or access a quick cash boost.

One top pick amongst SMBs is small business loans — these provide a large lump sum payment and give SMBs quick access to cash. But just like any other loan product, interest rates and fees apply. Depending on the lender you opt for and the interest rate you are given, the repayments can eat massively into your company’s budget.

Another thing to consider when applying for a small business loan is that your business's financial history will be put under a magnifying glass. And with tighter lending restrictions in place, your application could be rejected if a lender isn’t happy with what they see. Not only does this land you back to square one, but you’ll also have a mark on your credit history.

Business credit cards are another common choice amongst SMBs, due to their convenience and larger credit limits. While you may need to pass a credit check before approval, business credit cards tend to have lower interest rates and fees than loans. While this might sound ideal, you could land your business in trouble if you cannot repay the balance each month.

Credit products like these can give SMBs instant financial relief. However, they can also be full of risk and unmanageable expenses. So how can traffic management SMBs safeguard their assets without throwing themselves into financial ruin? Say hello to Marmalade.

The world’s first invoice payments platform

Traffic management cash flow management has never been easier with Marmalade.

Marmalade is an innovative invoice payment platform that gives traffic management companies quick and easy access to funds from unpaid invoices. Having on-demand access to your cash presents greater opportunities to take your business to the next level. Here’s a closer look at how Marmalade works:

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    Sign up for a free account with Marmalade

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    Issue invoices with Marmalade Virtual Bank Account (VBA) details

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    Select invoices you would like to have paid early

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    Pay a one-time fee of between 3-5.5% per invoice

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    Get your money within one business day

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