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As a business owner, you know that cash is king. But what happens when there’s a kink in your business cash flow? Unpaid invoices are one of the biggest hurdles businesses of all shapes and sizes deal with, jeopardising growth and profitability. That’s where Marmalade comes in.

A first-of-its-kind solution, Marmalade is a revolutionary invoice payment platform that allows businesses to take complete control of their cash flow. As an alternative business finance option, Marmalade gives business owners the power to receive early payment on eligible invoices.

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Rewriting invoicing one payment at a time

From unforeseen expenses to seasonal fluctuations, there are many financial obstacles small businesses must overcome to stay afloat. But in recent years, late invoice payments have slowly become a major issue for businesses to manage, which according to accounting software Xero, affects more than half of SMBs.

When invoice payments are consistently late or unpaid, small businesses cannot maintain a healthy cash flow and face restrictions to their growth. To keep their doors open, many SMBs seek credit financing to secure a business cash flow boost, including cash flow loans for small businesses, credit cards or invoice financing. While these can provide an SMB instant access to cash, they’re full of risk, steep interest rates and unmanageable fees.

Not to mention that if it’s your first time applying for one of these products, you’ll need to spend time researching your options — wasting resources that could be allocated elsewhere. It’s also worth noting if a small business has their application rejected, this can leave a mark on their credit history.

With scarce financial resources available, how can businesses get the help they need without putting everything on the line? Introducing Marmalade — the smarter business finance alternative that helps SMBs get paid faster.

How Marmalade works

Unlike other small business financing options, Marmalade’s product has specifically been designed to tackle invoices and specifically, how they get paid. When you use Marmalade, you can rest easy knowing that you’re using a product that’s made to help your business grow. Here’s how it works:

  1. 01

    Sign up for a free account with Marmalade

  2. 02

    Issue invoices with Marmalade Virtual Bank Account (VBA) details

  3. 03

    Select invoices you would like to have paid early

  4. 04

    Pay a one-time fee of between 3-5% per invoice

  5. 05

    Get your money within one business day

Why choose Marmalade to get your invoices paid when you want

For too long, we’ve seen businesses held back from reaching their full potential because of poor cash flow. So we decided to do something about it. Marmalade was created to put the power back into the hands of business owners, giving them the flexibility to get paid on their terms with no impact on how their customers pay..

With Marmalade, you won’t have to jump through the traditional hoops to secure the right cash flow solutions for your small business. We understand how important it is for businesses to get their hands on their money when they need, so we’ve kept the process simple.

We also provide complete transparency with our pricing with the one-off fee per invoice locked between 3-5%, plus giving you total flexibility on which invoices you wish to have paid early.

And unlike a business cash flow loan or credit card, Marmalade charges zero interest and has no lock-in contracts or hidden fees. With Marmalade, there’s no catch — what you see is what you get.

Unlock a better way to manage business cash flow finance by signing up with Marmalade today. Contact a customer service team member to learn more about our service, from features to pricing.

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