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Customer Success Story: Trafficwerx NT

Trafficwerx NT doubles in size in less than two years, powered by Marmalade.


By Luke Trickett

Growing a business without cash flow isn’t easy, as Chris Boyer, managing director of Trafficwerx NT, knows firsthand.

For 12 years, Trafficwerx NT has been designing traffic management plans for contractors throughout the Northern Territory, for projects ranging from driveways and building apartment blocks, to maintenance and upgrades of roads.

When the business was ready to grow to the next level, unpaid invoices became a significant hurdle.

“During our growth period it was difficult to maintain and upgrade our fleet and grow, while we were carrying clients and ultimately being the bank.”

“During our growth period it was difficult to maintain and upgrade our fleet and grow, while we were carrying clients and ultimately being the bank.”

Chris Boyer, Managing Director, Trafficwerx NT

“Marmalade has changed all that for us,” Chris said.

Marmalade helps businesses unlock dollars for growth by enabling them to get eligible unpaid invoices paid within 24 hours, for a low fee.

Chris said the invoice payment service is a far better option than bank loans that would severely hamstring the company.

“Marmalade has allowed us to grow our business and take it to the next level without having to go to the banks and borrow a huge amount of money under really difficult circumstances, which puts extra pressure on the business.

“Having Marmalade there by our side has just taken that pressure away.”

Another person who sees the daily impact of Marmalade on the business is contracts administrator Kathleen Rayner. She came on board just over two years ago, when Trafficwerx NT was half the size it is today.

“Our payment terms are 30 to 90 days, which has made it really difficult to pay the wages, purchase signs and equipment, improve the standards, and look after our clients,”

Kathleen Rayner, Trafficwerx NT

“Marmalade has helped us dramatically. It’s as simple as issuing an invoice and we’ll get the money in our bank that day.”

Because Marmalade syncs directly to Xero, Trafficwerx NT isn’t adding another time-stealing process to their business. It is simple to use, which saves time on daily admin.

Plus, Marmalade’s customer service team is on hand to guide employees through the process.

“Marmalade has been fantastic in helping my staff adapt,” said Chris.

“Their understanding of Xero and the support that they provide to my staff has been 110 per cent.”

The time savings are huge – Kathleen said they have saved up to 30 hours for one admin team member, which can be used to add more value to the business.

Beforehand she was continuously chasing invoices, whereas now we can focus on more important sides of the business and let Marmalade look after all of those needs,” Kathleen said.

“If you’re looking for fast access to cash and you want to grow your business, then Marmalade is the way to go.”