product update

MYOB Integration

Marmalade is excited to announce that we have now integrated with MYOB.


By James Martin

Marmalade is an invoice payment platform that enables businesses to get paid for any outstanding invoice instantly for a low one-off fee. With Marmalade there is zero interest, debt, liability or risk.

Our team is on a mission to ensure all businesses can improve their cash flow and get access to working capital regardless of which accounting system their business uses.

I am proud to announce that Marmalade now supports the MYOB suite of accounting software! By integrating with MYOB Business and Accountright, we are able to streamline the onboarding and risk assessment process - helping businesses understand exactly how Marmalade can help them in hours not weeks.

Marmalade on MYOB allows:

  • Businesses using MYOB accounting software to register and sync their accounting data to Marmalade in order to unlock cashflow
  • Payments from your customers via credit card, EFT or direct debit to be reconciled back to your MYOB account, removing the resourcing required for payment and invoice reconciliation
  • Automatic expense reconciliation of our fee back to your MYOB expense accounts
  • A Marmalade clearing account, which acts like a bank account in your chart of accounts, allowing you to track your transactions with Marmalade in a seamless way

We are excited to start working with businesses on MYOB and look forward to helping grow your business.

For more details about Marmalade on MYOB, don’t hesitate to get in touch or Get Started today!