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Product Update: Marmalade on Quickbooks

Marmalade is excited to announce that we have now integrated with QuickBooks.


By James Martin

Marmalade is an invoice payments platform that empowers businesses to take complete control of their cash flow. Marmalade enables its customers to get their invoices paid as soon as they issue them with speed, simplicity and total transparency to deliver operational improvements and accelerated growth.

The technology behind Marmalade is the key to making cash flow pain a thing of the past for Australian businesses. By integrating with a business’ cloud accounting software, Marmalade is able to streamline the onboarding and risk assessment process - helping businesses get value from the platform in a matter of hours not weeks.

Until now, Marmalade has exclusively supported businesses using Xero. Over the past few months, Marmalade has evolved its technology to introduce capability to handle receiving invoice and accounting data from anywhere! Our vision is to be where you invoice and this technology update is a key component of realising that vision.

To help even more businesses unlock cash flow, we’re introducing Marmalade on Quickbooks.

Marmalade on Quickbooks allows:

  • Businesses using Quickbooks cloud accounting software to register and sync their accounting data to Marmalade in order to unlock early invoice payment
  • Payments from your customers via credit card, EFT or direct debit to be reconciled back to your Quickbooks account, removing the resourcing required for payment and invoice reconciliation
  • Automatic expense reconciliation of our fees, such as credit card fees and our cashin fee, back to your Quickbooks expense accounts
  • A Marmalade clearing account, which acts like a bank account in your chart of accounts, allowing you to track your transactions with Marmalade seamlessly

We are excited to start working with businesses on Quickbooks and look forward supporting the growth of Australian businesses.

For more details about Marmalade on Quickbooks, don’t hesitate to get in touch or Get Started today!