What is Marmalade?

Marmalade is a world-first invoice payments platform that empowers businesses to take complete control of their cash-flow.


By Luke Trickett

Staying on top of your cash-flow is tough – especially when your customers don’t pay their invoices on time. In fact, unpaid invoices is one of the top causes of cash-flow problems for Australian small businesses, and poor cash-flow is one of the top causes of small business failure.

But traditional cash-flow solutions, like credit cards, loans and invoice financing, often come with a catch: high interest rates, contracts, sneaky hidden costs… the list goes on.

Marmalade is different.

Marmalade is a payment platform that enables you to get paid on demand by cashing in eligible unpaid invoices any time.

For the first time, you have complete control of when you want your invoices to be paid – and that means paid, not financed. So, if you’re constantly finding yourself stuck waiting for customers to pay, you can still unlock your cash-flow and keep your business moving.

How Marmalade works

Simply sign up to your Marmalade account.

  1. Connect Marmalade with your accounting platform
  2. Add Marmalade’s account details to your invoices.
  3. See which unpaid invoices are eligible to be cashed in.
  4. Click on the invoices you want to cash in
  5. Get paid within 24 hours.

Simple as that!

How Marmalade is different from other cash-flow options

Here are five key ways Marmalade is different from old-school cash-flow options:

  1. Low cost: Marmalade is not a loan, which means there’s zero interest – only a small one-off fee. So, no worrying about interest traps or compounding debt.
  2. No risk: When you cash-in an invoice, Marmalade takes on all the late or non-payment risk. Unlike a loan, you can just sit back, relax, and watch the cash flow into your business.
  3. Simple: Forget about adding another time-stealing process to your business – the platform is simple to use and seamlessly connects to Xero to make admin easy.
  4. Fast: No jumping through hoops with credit applications, financial checks or absurdly long forms – Marmalade is not a lender! Getting the cash-flow you need is as fast as a couple of clicks.
  5. Total transparency: No lock in contracts, sneaky hidden costs or subscriptions.

Ready to take control of your cash-flow? Speak to the team and get started today, no strings attached.